An Awesomely Beautiful 2014

Thank You 2014
I don't know how, but I made it through.
It wasn't always easy. It always wasn't fair. But that's okay.
I never lost the most important person, myself.
I might have bent, but I never broke. I might have cried, but I didn't quit.
With a new year comes new possibility. Life is about progress, not perfection.

It was the greatest year of my life for the last 6 years. 
I was the happiest woman in the universe at that time. 
I was alive and feeling complete.
After 12 years of waiting, I finally did it!
12 years ain't short time, it's very long waiting until I witness this miracle.

Hello 2015
My favorite thing about the New Year is that it allows for a magical sense of renewal and a chance to start fresh. 
It is the day we resolve to leave the past behind and move forward. 
It is the day we fill ourselves up with courage and tell ourselves this is 
the year we will start doing more of the things we want and stop doing the things that don't matter.
My resolution? Still, to witness a miracle.