Blissful Wednesday

This morning, I received two love letters.

First letter is from Sumanah, one of my foster sibling in Hoshizora Foundation.
She lives in Lebak, Banten, Indonesia.
I've been able to financially & psychologically support her to attain the education she deserves.
We communicate intensively by sending love letter to each other.
She said that she misses me and prays for me so that I may get a lot of fortune in my life.
How sweet she is... I'm happy having such a caring sister like her.

Second letter is from Diah Fratiwi, one of Lavitaebella's customer.
As written in email, she loves her new bag that specially designed by me very very very much (the words "very" are mentioned three times).
She encourages me to keep working passionately and producing another beautiful and unique bags.
Testimonial from lavitaebella's customer really boosts my good mood.
Their satisfaction always be my pleasure.

Knowing how I am the reason of someone's smile is precious.
I feel so blessed... It's more than anything.