Forever 14

When she finally walked away, it wasn't that she had stopped loving you.
When she didn't return your calls, it wasn't that she didn't miss you.
What it meant was that she just couldn't do it anymore.
All the emotional fighting within her self.
The crying.
The countless nights she couldn't sleep because all the nonsense you were putting her
through emotionally was causing her to become sick physically.
It wasn't that she had stopped loving you,
it was that she had finally realized you had stopped loving her,
in the same way as you did before.
You did.

She loves you to the moon and back. Since you're the first and the last in her whole life. But she couldn't be treated like that. Just, she couldn't.

Don't ask her for maturity.
Because when she's with you, she's forever 14 years old.
The same age as the first time she fell in love.
Truly deeply in love with you.