Hello May!

It's May already! After the hard April and the busy March.
Finally I could make it through the rain and that emotional roller-coaster.
Being me is not easy. I'm strong but I'm tired.
But nothing can beat up a brave woman who build up her passion independently.
My big project was done. At least I've done my part and let my team do the rest.
In the early May, I have a rough week but only for this month I'll work until May, 8th.
Just because May is my birthday month yaayy!

Right on my birthday, I'm going to start my journey as a wold traveler.
I'm going to travel to the first country in my bucket list.
Actually this is not my first visit to this country.
But this is the first time I'll be there with my son.
Just the two of us will rock the world together.
Why not? My son is blessed having the coolest mommy on earth.

I'll make this world a little bit more wonderful.
I have so much potential and so many things left to do.
I have time, time for people I love, time for achievement.
Better things are coming my way, so please hang in there.
I can do it.