5 Years for Tomorrow

Hey you there, how was life?
Yesterday I'd done something good, you must be proud of me. I gave speech in front of people (and also camera) about my commitment to creating an equal opportunity for all Indonesian children to attain a proper education, together with Hoshizora Foundation. That's not so me, and I know you think that so. I'm not kinda person with high confidence to talk in front of people, but yesterday I did it great! So many people like me, they all smiled at me, they hugged me, they said thank you, even they took pictures with me. At the moment, I feel so precious. Glad to feel that the older I get, the more good things I did. This is a good news for you too, right? I know you are the one who always support me, the one who will be very happy with my achievement.

This is me on "Hoshizora Summit 2019: Kita Bermimpi Berjuang Bersama" with Reky Martha, President of Hoshizora Foundation and teachers from Yogyakarta & Raja Ampat.

Okay then back to the tittle of this post, 5 years. What happen with 5 years? Actually, I'm not in a stable mood. Tomorrow I'm going to start a hard race, a race that might lead me to a better life. I hope so. Even I'm ready, still it's going to be hard. How I wish you were here. To listen what I feel, I think, I need. But I know you aren't able to be here with me, that's why I write this post. Because, maybe, someday, or maybe right away, you'll read this in another place. I will do something you asked for since 5 years ago. It took me so long to fully prepared. It took 5 years. Not kinda short time, but why do I have to hurry? At least I move, I move to a better life. Slow but sure.

You, in another place. But now it's not the time for us to talk.
Just keep watching me. Praying for me.
Hoping for a lot of happiness will come to me.