Now and Back Then

This photo was taken 2 years ago.
What I had that day was apparently different than what I have today.
We never know what the future hold, life is full of surprises. 
Everything's good now and back then, just different type of goodness.
For sure, in just 2 years, so many things happened and changed.
Both personal and career life. 
At that moment, I was family of 3. At this moment, I am family of 2.
Not to mention about the divorce, that's fine.
Divorce is not something forbidden, legally and religiously.
But hey, I am a single mother right now.
Happiness & strength of being a single mother are not felt by all women.
God chooses me because I'm special, I'm strong enough to hit this challenge.
I lost one member of my family, but God sends me many good people to come.
My creative team, colleagues, friends from the communities I've engaged.
They are my support system. They are going to take me higher.
About career life, I'm getting better every single day.
2 years ago, I was a seller of retail products with my own brand.
Today, I'm not only a seller, but also a tutor and an author.
My tutorials have been published by national and international print media.
I have my own book, sold throughout Indonesia, even to overseas.
I have adapted my love of teaching and training on being a tutor.
I'm sharing ideas about sewing craft to my community.
What failed me in the past become the lesson that gets me to where I am right now. 

One thing I want to emphasize: one door closed, another door opens.
Because real success is how high we bounce after we hit bottom.
I take all the process as well.
Human makes mistake, learn from it, and grow.
We don't grow when things are easy, we grow when things get difficult.
For the real winner, there are no finish line.
Remember, everyone has their own struggles, and we're in this together.

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